1. Your dedicated M&A partner in Europe

Founded in 2009 and Headquartered in Paris,
Inspirit Partners offers a full suite of M&A services:
we provide sell-side and buy-side M&A expertise
(including disposals of distressed businesses)
and fundraising services.


2. Assistance with large and small deals

We advise entrepreneurs, investment funds
and large corporations for their small & mid cap transactions
(enterprise value from € 5M to € 100M).


3. Every client counts: your success is our success

For each assignment entrusted to us,
we commit 100% of our resources to achieve
the highest level of success for our client.
Our economic model allows us to bring senior-level
attention on each deal.


4. We have been in your shoes

Inspirit Partners is managed by entrepreneurs
who were formerly investors and/or executives
in large corporations.
We therefore have an in-depth understanding of your expectations.


5. Hard-working and customer-friendly

Professional integrity and work ethics are highly important to us.
We give the best of ourselves in what we do: that's our style.
We greatly appreciate it when we get referrals
through the clients and teams we worked with.
Our reputation is one of the best measures of our performance.


6. Implication: Inspirit Partners does more than just connect the dots

We seek to build strong, long-term partnerships
with our clients that go beyond their M&A transactions.
We assist our clients in their strategic thinking and we propose creative solutions.


7. Why did we call ourselves Inspirit Partners?

IN.SPIR.IT means to infuse spirit or life into.
That's our way of doing business.
It also means to inspire, to have creative ideas,
which always helps for an advisor!

Get in touch. You can contact us at any time!


12, rue de la Paix
75002 Paris
T : +33 (0)1 42 96 23 02